How to charge your Smartphone the right way


It feels so annoying when your phone has a low battery. You rush for the charger before getting it off. Of course, why not? Your most of the things rely on it. These charges workhouses function great in the beginning and over time, they sometimes, start losing power faster and take longer to charge. In order to avoid such things, you should keep your phone safe by considering the following-

• Should the Battery be Fully-charged?
Charge the battery to full one a month only. This is because recalibration of the battery is essential once a month. It is like computer-restart or humans going on a vacation. The same can be applied for laptops. Charging 70% for a day is sufficient even if you are a phone-addict.

• Charging Overnight
It is risky to leave the phone for charging overnight. There are some phones that stop getting charged when fully charged. But, this is not the case of every Smartphone. According to the experts, you should remove the phone from charging when going to sleep. Well, charging whole night can lead to overeating.

• Fast Charging
Most of you have heard about Qualcomm Quick Charge or, in Samsung's case, Adaptive Fast Charging - available in Smartphone. It allows you for fast charging. With the help of special code located in a chip known as the Power Management IC (PMIC), it communicates with the charger you are using and requests that it send power at a higher voltage. This cannot be effective for long and every time.

• Use of Any Charger
The charger with your phone is provided for a reason. It has the correct rating according to your phone. In case, you get any other when you don't have your own, make sure, it is approved by phone's manufacturer. Cheap alternatives lead to harm to your phone. Thus, carry your own charger, if possible says the Alcatel parts providers.

• Battery Memory Effect
It is about batteries remained charge until you don't let them to zero. SO, a battery must be charged frequently from 20- to 80 percent might ‘forget’ about the 40 percent that’s left uncharged (0-20 and 80-100). However, Lithium-ion doesn't suffer the memory effect.

The battery is like remembering remaining charge if you don’t let them go all the way to zero too often. It sounds crazy but here battery plays a vital role in defining your phone well. Always charge your phone carefully recommends the alcatel one touch idol 3 parts providers.

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